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Retrocommissioning is a powerful process to help improve building performance after years of regular operation. However the savings hardly last as long as we'd like. BMS analytics and software are powerful tools to help FM teams reach and maintain high building performance on a continuous basis.

By providing constant, condition-based monitoring, software turns traditional building commissioning into an automated, 24/7 process.  Any improvements to a building's equipment are built upon a proven process with decades of research on building science -  specifically there are five key areas at which traditional retro-commissioning looks.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What the five traditional areas of focus for retro-commissioning are
  • How they improve building performance
  • How software can turbo-charge the commissioning process into a continuous activity

Software like PointGuard makes savings permanent, commissioning fast and focused, and continuous monitoring scalable across portfolios. PointGuard has a proven Profit Pathway Training system that provides users with the necessary resources to ensure they maximize the value of the software and drive their buildings towards high performance with specific focus on these five areas of focus. 


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