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Philadelphia's New Building Energy Performance Mandate
What you need to know to be ready:

    • The City of Philadelphia has a comprehensive Energy Conservation Code to reduce green house gas emissions city wide - focusing reducing building emissions.
    • Starting in 2021 for buildings of 200k sq. ft. and over, building owners will be required to conduct a “tune up” inspection.
    • There are important exceptions to the requirement that can save you hassle later and save money now.
    • Harnessing the power of data coming off the building control system can be used to meet the requirements of the new law in the future and improve building performance now
    • PointGuard allows you to do this quickly since the platform is hyper-focused on finding profit. 


Go beyond energy to meet the long term goals set by the Energy Conservation Code. PointGuard helps to dramatically improve comfort, asset life, and capital expenditures in any portfolio - as well as improve energy use.

PointGuard is data that turns a wrench. 


Download the white paper: