Join us at 11am ET for a discussion on remote operations.
We're offering three dates: April 23rd, April 29th, and May 6th.

Has remote facility monitoring & management become more important? Would you like to have that option or learn more? As we continue to overcome challenges and adapt to our new normal, as temporary or lengthy as it may be, technology is able to step up to fill in the gaps.

Buildings are complicated structures and there is so much knowledge embedded in data - how can you maximize the use of this data so that it maximizes the value of your time?

Using software, facility teams are able to quickly and clearly see how buildings are operating without looking at the machinery itself and can create work orders that truly matter to long term comfort, asset health and energy spend. Building usage may change as we come back to work together, which also means your building operations will change in the coming months. Whether now or in the future, facility teams are likely to value the flexibility and the ability to operate remotely when the need, or desire, arises.

Do you want to be sure you can effectively serve the mechanical systems of your building portfolio in any situation? Join PointGuard as we discuss the key steps to using software to remotely optimize building performance and operations during building vacancy and in preparation for re-population despite so much uncertainty elsewhere.

We will also discuss our new pricing structure for those wanting to get started now with remote set-up.


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We're offering three dates for your convenience. Please register for either: April 23rd, April 29th, or May 6th.